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I knew people who must have covered thousands of miles a year going from casino to casino grinding video poker and slot machines for profit. Among these hundreds of serious gamblers Ive known, a small handful have been exceptional. These are the ones who moved past the grinder stage. blackjack Most got rich at least the average persons concept of rich. I know exceptional gamblers in many areas. Poker, of course, but also sports, table games, and other things as well. I think you can break the formula of these exceptional gamblers down into two distinct paths to excellence, and I wanted to share these two with you. The generalists distinguish themselves by their breadth of gambling knowledge. In poker, they dont just play no-limit holdem cash games. Theyre good at tournaments.

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PokerStars, easily the most recognizable name in online poker, is upping the ante today by announcing an entirely new virtual reality platform where youll be able to scratch your online poker itch. In closed-beta now and due out later this year, the PokerStars VR platform will offer up a more authentic poker experience for online players, one where youll actually be able to see and interact with your fellow players , see their ticks and tells and study their habits. The VR platform will also let you customize your own in-game avatar and, like at an actual table, handle your cards and your chips. This is a far cry from the button press poker on the regular PokerStars platform, one where laying down a full house to win a big pot will be a more realistic experience. Of course, the scenery might be as important for some players as the cards in front of them. PokerStars has several exotic locales to choose from as the backdrop for your online gambling, from the deck of a yacht in the Monte Carlo harbor to a skydeck overlooking Macau . We certainly dont mind the change of scenery, since online poker from your couch doesnt have quite the same appeal as a multi-million dollar casino floor. Initially, PokerStars VR will be a free-to-play experience, similar to Fortnite , where simply signing up will load you with chips and let you get a taste of the thrill of going all in.

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